Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homework 12, from the class text book

Here is Homework 12, from the class textbook lesson.

Homework Final, Magazine Cover

Here is the Final Magazine Cover for the Photoshop class. The stories should tell you that it is a breaking holiday news magazine, with cutting edge stories. I actually took the photos from the Los Gatos Christmas Parade about five years ago. Enjoy.

Homework regarding internet plug-in

I found a free plug-in for the mezzy style artistic grains for Photoshop, and downloaded it. The plug-in can be found here at Installation was a breeze. The plug-in was downloaded as a zip file, which I unzipped and copied into my Photoshop plug in folder, into a mezzy sub-folder. I opened Photoshop, and the plug-in came up without a problem. I chose a simple photo of the Queen Mary, and a Russian sub museum, and adapted the photo as a rustic background with a sepia-type color, and rough grain. It almost appears like a photo you would see from an old post card.

The happy problem I have with this homework assignment is that there are so many Photoshop plug-ins to choose from. I have spent an hour going through the three websites, looking at all the different free plug-ins, wondering which one to download for this assignment. Heck, I would rather download them all so I can play with them. I spent another 45 minutes, looking through Adobe's website at all the paid plug-ins there. In fact, the Adobe website didn't have much in terms of free plug-ins, but there were a few of them. Even after installing the mezzy plug-in, I spent 20 minutes looking at all the filter affects from this plug-in, adapting the colors, tone, grain, and such. In one sense, the plug-ins are a powerful tool, allowing you to adapt your Photoshop images with certain effects and styles, easier and quicker, than you would having to go through the actual Photoshop menus and tools. You can then concentrate on the creative aspects of your image and composition, rather than trying to figure out how the procedure though Photoshop.

Homework 10 Surrealism

Here is homework 10, surrealism.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Homework 4

This was a quick, color correction homework for my Photoshop class. I took a picture of my sister-in-law, and merged it with a sunset photo that was taken in Mexico by my brother. I then tried to eyeball the color between the two photos to match them. The picture of my sister-in-law was taken during a trip to Hawaii, where her face was a little more cool and blue, than the sunset photo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Midterm homework

The midterm assignment was a tough one for me, since I really didn't know what to create for a historical collage. I thought about using Halloween as a theme for the collage, but couldn't figure out how to compose such a theme--even as I'm looking for images to use. I was also thinking about the Cuban Missile Crisis as a theme, but also wondering how to compose such a theme. When I saw the background map, showing the red circles on how far the Cuban missiles would strike into the U.S., the theme came together. The map was the inspiration for the entire collage. I worked like mad trying to get this assignment done in the last couple of days before the due date. If I had more time, I would have loved to extend the map circles over the border photos, showing how far they extended around the map of the U.S. I tried to draw circles using Photoshop, with as close of a color to the map circles, but such circles came out way too thick, and I was doing this at around 11pm at night that the midterm project was due. At that point, it was the best I could do for such a short time.

Homework 6 typography

Homework week 6 was to take a background image and add some text to set the tone and theme of the graphic. It was a lesson in typography. For this homework, I had some beautiful flower and rose photos that I wanted to include some poetry for. I chose this gorgeous red-and-yellow rose photo from my backyard, and attempted to hunt for an interesting rose-themed poem to accentuate the rose. There are plenty of rose-themed poems, but a lot of them are fairly long, and I needed a short, quick poem to fit into the graphic. Calling Emily Dickinson!

A big problem I had with this photo is how close-up, and centered, this photo is. There is really not much room on the left, or the right, to include the text on that green, background leaves. If the rose was off-centered, I could have placed the text on the side, and changed the color of the text so it would contrast on the green, and bring out the lettering. Unfortunately, I had to find a coloring that would contrast the green leaves in the background, and the red and yellow in the rose. Best I could find was this light blue. And yes, I moved the text to all four corners of the graphic, and tried to adjust the size of the text. I wanted the text big enough so that you could read the poem, and see the beauty of the rose.